Outsourcing, or what we do

Basically, Cyber Consultings company offers you higher quality services at a lower cost. Our company in based in Ukraine. Generally, we have lower expenses here - goods and services are cheaper and employees time is also cheaper, and this allows us to give you more high qualified professionals hours for less cost. If you need to have state-of-the-art IT solutions worked out and innovations implemented with small losses, outsourcing may be the only way out. It will save you from the nightmare of retraining your employees (or even hiring new ones) and/or paying for re-equipment.

Outsourcing IT development is a most effective way to stretch your budget. When managers plan IT development outsourcing, they usually make it their aim to cut down the company's expenditures by 30%. This is a figure that speaks for itself, but we will help you to lift this figure to the point even higher than 50%! Cutting your costs and upgrading the quality of the services you offer will allow you to expand the competitive capacity of your business. When you outsource IT development to an outside company, you can concentrate on your core activities.

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